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Dr. V. Shawn is a musician, composer,  producer and performer from Detroit, Michigan.  He is a practicing physician who has pursued his life-long dream of becoming a recording artist. His style is a fusion of soul, funk and jazz. His most recent offering is a house music remix.


Dr. V. Shawn was raised with an appreciation for the arts.  He began his musical training at the age of five where he studied theory and classical piano.  He worked to master his lessons every week. He intently concentrated on taking in the “inputs,” notes, time signature, tempo, fingering, etc., and generating the proper “output” onto the keys. This was an important step in his musical journey because he learned the value of hard work, practice and dedication as he cultivated the technical aspects of the art form.


Later he ventured into the realm of musical improvisation with an emphasis in gospel, blues, and jazz, and his passion awakened.   The seed that was planted in those early days of classical was now blossoming into something more.  These contemporary styles of music became a favorite pastime for him.  He learned to master songs effortlessly.  


Dr. V. Shawn continued to grow his craft throughout the years. He became a frequently featured piano accompanist at his church, he performed for numerous organizations and social events and he wrote an original soundtrack for a local play, for which he also served as musical director.  


Doc, as many of his fellow artists refer to him, has gone from that young boy working to master the notes on a page, to a man that has developed his own unique artistic vision, style and standards. Now, seemingly effortlessly, he performs with confidence, composes with his heart and plays with his soul.  He reaches into his deepest joy and revels in the ease of expression that only comes from dedication to his gift.  


Musical arts have been the sustaining force in his life that lifted him in times of darkness, inspired him in times of doubt and allowed him to express the joys of this wondrous life.  He now realizes that creative expression is not just a part of his life; it is his life’s work.  As such he dedicates himself to his art.  This dedication to excellence and innovation are evident in his work.  


He continues to perform and he spends time creating in the studio as much as he can.  His debut full CD release entitled, “That’s What’s Up!” is an inventive, high potential project that is a  culmination of his journey to date.


He is currently working on a new House project to be released in the spring of 2017.  Doc is also working on a contemporary jazz CD targeted for a late 2017 release.  His group, the Dr. V. Shawn Jazz Ensemble, performs regularly in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Dr V Shawn Jazz
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